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everyone  knows  youtube is great fun when looking for some fun short videos to watch for some escapism! even watching music videos! but im shocked to find out some ppl dont realize youtube has classic films  and tv shows on there! some in parts, and others in full!

well over time i added some films in a playlist called: Classic Films (catchy huh LMAO).  heres my classic films playlist: MY YOUTUBE CLASSIC FILM LIST

most on that list are films either in parts or uploaded full. but i have just a few stuff in there not films, but related to classic films,  like : Whatever Happened to Baby Jane music video, a trailer, bette davis eyes video.

but most stuff i have on there are films in their entirety, or parts.

u will see alot of classic horror stuff mainly &  also silent gems! some comedy stuff too.   below is my list as of right now:

yea theres alot of B-movies on it. but i like b-movies!


Alice in Wonderland 1933 pt1

here is the 1st part of the live action 1933 movie alice in wonderland that i heard so much about on tcm and its sites! this 1st part if the movie is 3min long & is the start of the movie. listing the actors! some of which you’ll be surprised to see, or not see in here! they’re in costumes! its really a fun movie! on youtube its uploaded into 10 parts. if u love old classics, n r curious about this movie u should check it out!