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yea i haven’t been around lately. started when i got sick with bad head cold i couldn’t shake. then after that a migrain. and then now a person relationship problem. well its not a problem but more like i felt like i was hit with a bus! anyway. that brings me here now. just jotting a lil blog to get my mind off things.
anyway i been seeing alot of movies on tcm! i love that channel! i just wish that august passes quick! not that i dont like the “summer under the stars” thing they got going, but i just want them going back to regular programming. movies varying in stars and genres! also i want silent sundays back!!
on another related note, the change they did on tcm’s fan site cfu (classic film union) is nuts! im referring to the new search feature which makes looking for a movie or a star like digging threw a lotta shit getting to a prize! just adding a movie to my page there is annoying but i know i gotta get used to it cause the media is great there and i love the friendly atmosphere there and sharing my love for classic films! it is a fun and addicting site!
ok so soon i’ll be posting more videos n stuff! right now im just trying to keep going…. back into my “life”. see ya


This doesn’t show alot on tcm, or maybe its just that i dont catch it that often. but i had to upload this! its for the love of silent movies! SILENT MOVIE LOVERS UNITE 😀

Robert Osborne on the programming marking the 100th birthday of the celebrated Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, the most extensive collection of Kurosawa films ever on television. on the 23rd next week tcm will have 24hrs of his work. starting at 6am with his directorial debut Sanshiro Sugata (1943).

it would be wonderful to go to this, unfortunately its not in the cards, as they say, for me. any1 who is fortunate to go, is very lucky! its great that tcm is doing this festival!! i dont really have any more to say here….except maybe the festival im sure will be amazing! and i hope they show some of it in a special on tcm! that would rock!

Tcm’s remembrance of movie professionals that passed away last yr. its always sad to watch. but tcm did it so wonderfully.

Tcm Programming For St. Patrick’s Day

No im not irish just to let ya know 🙂 i am looking forward to some of the movies on tomorrow. and thats what this blog will be all about. none of these movies i have seen before, but the description makes me want to watch! The Flying Irishman is a biography from 1939. with douglas corrigan and paul kelly. its about a barnstormer that becomes famous in 1938 for flying the “wrong way” across the atlantic. its only an hr and 12 min long….but i do like bios. that one seems fun 🙂 thats on at 8am. Right after that is The Irish In Us with james cagney and pat o’brian! i love those 2! ESPECIALLY CAGNEY! in that movie a boxer and his policeman brother feud over a police captains daughter.a comedy, and its an hr and 24 min. that will definetly have a spot on my DVR!
the next 3 movies are pretty much musicals, from what they say. i dont dislike musicals, well maybe to some degree. but there’s not alot of them i like. i like singing in the rain, 42nd st (which is on tomorrow at 8pm), wizard of oz, gypsy, ya get the picture.
but i may check the 3 movies after the cagney picture, who knows i may find a new favorite movie! sometimes i watch movies that i may not tend to like by looking at the description. i find some movie gems that way. anyway moving on.
the movie i wanna see after the cagney picture is Parnell. thats with clark gable & myrna loy. from 1937. its another bio. irish politician charles stewart parnell has a ruinous affair with a married woman. that movie is on at 4pm & is 2hrs. that movie sounds really good!
after that movie at 6pm is another bio pic from 1965. with rod taylor and maggie smith. a playwright sean o’casey loves a librarian, sleeps with a chorus girl, and meets yeats. i may watch this movie. it does sound good to a point.i mean it sounds a lil blah, but who knows.
after that movie at 8pm is the classic 42nd street, then Gold Diggers of 1933 with joan blondell. i love her pictures! i’ve seen the gold diggers movies before & they’re fun!
all the movies will be on my dvr, which at the moment is filling up fast. im watching what i can 🙂 but like a twitter update of mine says, i hate it when my dvr fills up to the point where i have to delete some movies i haven’t seen, to make way for the ones coming up i cant wait 2 see. but what happens if ur dvr is full of movies u really want to watch n haven’t seen!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh 😡
oh well. anyway i wanna wish anyone who reads this and is irish happy st. patricks day! although i know thats unlikely, cause i seem to be the only one on my page lmao. but i know im new here, it takes time.
happy classic movie watching 🙂