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In 1945 Alfred Hitchcock ask Dali to design the dream sequences for his movie Spellbound. this is just a quick video about a min and a half, but i never heard hitchcock speak about his collaboration with salvador dali. even tho it is brief, i wanted to include it here. but it does give u a lil incite on the dream sequence. i love hitchcock films! and i love hearing how he created his films!


this is a really good movie! this is the dream sequence from hitchcock’s 1945 thriller “spellbound,” starring ingrid bergman and gregory peck. ingrid bergman plays a psychoanalyst trying to uncover gregory peck’s memories to solve a murder which he believes he has committed. the sets for the dream sequence were conceived and designed by salvador dali, upon hitchcock’s request. this movie was also one of hollywood’s first looks into psychoanalysis.