yea i haven’t been around lately. started when i got sick with bad head cold i couldn’t shake. then after that a migrain. and then now a person relationship problem. well its not a problem but more like i felt like i was hit with a bus! anyway. that brings me here now. just jotting a lil blog to get my mind off things.
anyway i been seeing alot of movies on tcm! i love that channel! i just wish that august passes quick! not that i dont like the “summer under the stars” thing they got going, but i just want them going back to regular programming. movies varying in stars and genres! also i want silent sundays back!!
on another related note, the change they did on tcm’s fan site cfu (classic film union) is nuts! im referring to the new search feature which makes looking for a movie or a star like digging threw a lotta shit getting to a prize! just adding a movie to my page there is annoying but i know i gotta get used to it cause the media is great there and i love the friendly atmosphere there and sharing my love for classic films! it is a fun and addicting site!
ok so soon i’ll be posting more videos n stuff! right now im just trying to keep going…. back into my “life”. see ya