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im so enjoyin TCM tonight!!! moguls and movie stars: a history of Hollywood was such a treat 2 watch& i cant wait to watch the other parts in that series!! its so great and interestin seeing how the movie industry began!! they had nothin 2 go by, they made up and learned along the way! what a time it had 2b back then! to watch the birth of all that had to be amazing!! now im watchin the films of thomas edison! so much fun to watch these films even tho short. travel back in time to the 1890’s and early 1900s!! so cool!! also tonight will be stuff from d.w. griffith, georges melies, and a few more short silent films after that! and i thought i was happy about the 200th ep of Dancing with the stars lol! i didn’t know about tcm programming tonight til this afternoon. tcm…..u surprise me everytime!!

A history of Hollywood is a seven part series in 1 hour installments airing Mondays and Wednesdays  at 8pm! each installment focuses on a different era of american movie history. from the inventions of the 1st moving pictures, to the revolutionary cutting-edge films of the 1960s.

ep:1 Peepshow Pioneers 1889-1907

ep:2 The Birth of Hollywood 1907-1920

ep:3 the Dream Merchants 1920-1928

ep:4 Brother, can You Spare a Dream 1929-1941

ep:5 Warriors and Peacemakers 1941-1950

ep:6  The Attack Of The Small Screens 1950-1960

ep:7 Fade Out, Fade In 1960-1969

for more details about these episodes in this series go to

from just pictures projected on a wall, to moving film shots, experimental cinema, to films that told a story……to watch films from their birth is so interesting to watch and it takes you back in a time long gone. where everything was so new and exciting! and its so great that tcm will be showing us from the beginning how it all began!


i love classic horror films!! so when i get a chance to see one i never seen before i jump right on it! this movie stars the excellent actor peter lorre. i love watching films he’s in cause he was such a great actor and u fully believe he’s the character he plays! u dont see him acting, he lives the part. and its so true with this film!!

movie description: Locals in an Italian village believe evil has taken over the estate of a recently deceased pianist where several murders have taken place. The alleged killer: the pianist’s severed hand.

beast5fingers14 jpg lorre is cast so wonderful in this film! great shots of him, like this one!!

beast5fingers11 jpg love the shots with the severed hand!

i found this movie on youtube. its uploaded in 9parts. yea i know some ppl dont like watching movies in parts, but when u get to watch a fun creepy movie like this 1 who cares!

the uploader myriadmutiny told me that this video will be on youtube til just after Halloween. im assuming after halloween uploader wil stil leave part 1 up and as description says if u wanna watch whole film make a request to watch.

but for now the whole film is up and ready to watch for those who want to watch some classic horror goodness!!

its well acted by everybody and wont disappoint!

so heres part 1 of a great movie:

and just incase the whole movie does get taken off after halloween here the uploaders youtube channel and send a msg to them after halloween if movie is not on there anymore.

the horror movie Mad Love 1935, again with lorre is also on that channel in 7 parts! its another fave movie of mine. very enjoyable!

An insane surgeon’s obsession with an actress leads him to replace her wounded pianist’s hands with the hands of a knife murderer which still have the urge to throw knives.

madlove.jpg enjoy!

and remember if you wanna find a classic film always check youtube 1st! you’ll b surprised how many you’ll find there! i added a bunch i found and added them to my classic films playlist. and many are the full film to watch all at once, not in parts. heres the playlist on my channel if u wanna check them out:

** NOTE** myriadmutiny made these movies private again. so if u want to see beast with 5 fingers, send them a msg through youtube. it’ll be well worth it if u haven’t seen it!

i recently posted a blog of 4 free horror movies i found online. which was good, cause the classic horror movie addict i am gets all happy when i find stuff like that on the web! so i was ecstatic when i found FRIGHTFLICKS.COM

they have free movies u can stream! NO DOWNLOADING REQUIRED either!

i just came across this site & had to share!

here are a portion of movies:

the bat, bowery at midnight, cabinet of dr. caligari, chamber of horrors

city of the dead aka horror hotel, crimes of stephen hawke, dark eyes of london aka the human monster, devil bat

dr. jekyll & mr. hyde (fredric march), the devil’s hand, house of horrors aka murder mansion, incredible petrified world

invisible ghost, the last man on earth, king of the zombies, the mad monster

man in the attic, mystery of the marie celeste aka phantom ship, murder at red barn, nightmare castle

one step beyond, shock, rogues tavern, white zombie

the ghoul, fog island, the world gone mad (pat o’brian), the monster walks

there are more on that site. and as u can see its not only classic horror, but thrillers, mystery, scifi. even episodes of one step beyond and the Flash Gordon serial. plus there are laughable films here like Crash of moons, creature from the haunted sea, and more.

click on FREE VIDEOS to see the list of the films! and u can watch the movies on full screen.

btw u dont need to register to watch these films! this site also has movies to buy for a few $. but to me the real draw is all the FREE movies !

i had to post about this! cause i like to share fun cool stuff i find! i hope u enjoy this link cause i know i do !!



blog blog blog

yea i haven’t been around lately. started when i got sick with bad head cold i couldn’t shake. then after that a migrain. and then now a person relationship problem. well its not a problem but more like i felt like i was hit with a bus! anyway. that brings me here now. just jotting a lil blog to get my mind off things.
anyway i been seeing alot of movies on tcm! i love that channel! i just wish that august passes quick! not that i dont like the “summer under the stars” thing they got going, but i just want them going back to regular programming. movies varying in stars and genres! also i want silent sundays back!!
on another related note, the change they did on tcm’s fan site cfu (classic film union) is nuts! im referring to the new search feature which makes looking for a movie or a star like digging threw a lotta shit getting to a prize! just adding a movie to my page there is annoying but i know i gotta get used to it cause the media is great there and i love the friendly atmosphere there and sharing my love for classic films! it is a fun and addicting site!
ok so soon i’ll be posting more videos n stuff! right now im just trying to keep going…. back into my “life”. see ya

with boris karloff!
i haven’t seen this yet, but i just saw it in and wanted to post it here!
Boris Karloff has developed a method of transferring not the brain but the incorporeal mind from one being to another.


for ppl who love silent movies and the transition they made into talkies, will find this fun! always wondered what some ppl thought back then of the emerging talking pictures? well this guy sings his displeasure of them in a funny way!

Recorded in 1929, Arthur Fields is poking fun at the new “talkies.” he does sing briefly, mostly music. but this guy made me laugh! wait for his voice! he starts singing about 45 sec into it! after he sings his displeasure of talkies, the rest of song is just music. i wished he kept going lol! but its fun what he sings! so i had to share!

i wanted to put the audio right in here. but i cant upload mp3 file types. oh well! this is from! it was a happy accident i found it! its under audio section of course but i found it under the subject talkies.

Cel. Roast Lucille Ball Pt. 6 of 6