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everyone  knows  youtube is great fun when looking for some fun short videos to watch for some escapism! even watching music videos! but im shocked to find out some ppl dont realize youtube has classic films  and tv shows on there! some in parts, and others in full!

well over time i added some films in a playlist called: Classic Films (catchy huh LMAO).  heres my classic films playlist: MY YOUTUBE CLASSIC FILM LIST

most on that list are films either in parts or uploaded full. but i have just a few stuff in there not films, but related to classic films,  like : Whatever Happened to Baby Jane music video, a trailer, bette davis eyes video.

but most stuff i have on there are films in their entirety, or parts.

u will see alot of classic horror stuff mainly &  also silent gems! some comedy stuff too.   below is my list as of right now:

yea theres alot of B-movies on it. but i like b-movies!


im so enjoyin TCM tonight!!! moguls and movie stars: a history of Hollywood was such a treat 2 watch& i cant wait to watch the other parts in that series!! its so great and interestin seeing how the movie industry began!! they had nothin 2 go by, they made up and learned along the way! what a time it had 2b back then! to watch the birth of all that had to be amazing!! now im watchin the films of thomas edison! so much fun to watch these films even tho short. travel back in time to the 1890’s and early 1900s!! so cool!! also tonight will be stuff from d.w. griffith, georges melies, and a few more short silent films after that! and i thought i was happy about the 200th ep of Dancing with the stars lol! i didn’t know about tcm programming tonight til this afternoon. tcm…..u surprise me everytime!!

A history of Hollywood is a seven part series in 1 hour installments airing Mondays and Wednesdays  at 8pm! each installment focuses on a different era of american movie history. from the inventions of the 1st moving pictures, to the revolutionary cutting-edge films of the 1960s.

ep:1 Peepshow Pioneers 1889-1907

ep:2 The Birth of Hollywood 1907-1920

ep:3 the Dream Merchants 1920-1928

ep:4 Brother, can You Spare a Dream 1929-1941

ep:5 Warriors and Peacemakers 1941-1950

ep:6  The Attack Of The Small Screens 1950-1960

ep:7 Fade Out, Fade In 1960-1969

for more details about these episodes in this series go to

from just pictures projected on a wall, to moving film shots, experimental cinema, to films that told a story……to watch films from their birth is so interesting to watch and it takes you back in a time long gone. where everything was so new and exciting! and its so great that tcm will be showing us from the beginning how it all began!

This doesn’t show alot on tcm, or maybe its just that i dont catch it that often. but i had to upload this! its for the love of silent movies! SILENT MOVIE LOVERS UNITE 😀

not a long list of silent movies 2 watch here, but a nice list! some by charlie chaplin including: making a living, the vagabond, the pawnshop, the champion. also the movie Broken Blossoms with Lillian Gish. Nosferatu with Max Shreck (my fave silent), The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, The phantom of the opera, and a few others. including a silent film by alfred hitchcock called Downhill (1927). Gotta love it 🙂

The classy introduction to TCM’s Silent Sunday’s.
The films featured in the montage as they appear in order:
Our Dancing Daughters (balloons)
The Flesh and the Devil (Greta Garbo and John Gilbert – couple dancing)
The Big Parade (Renee Adoree, John Gilbert – Couple kissing)
Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Rudolph Valentino – man puffing smoke)
Greed (Zasu Pitts – woman with abject look)
Noah’s Ark (George O’brian – man in rain)
The Crowd (Eleanor Boardman – woman looking in mirror happy)
Our Dancing Daughters (Joan Crawford – woman looking in mirror, sad)
The Crowd (James Murray – man doing pantomime)
Show People (Marion Davies, Dell Henderson – woman revealing face after lowering a cloth/bandana)
The Kiss (Greta Garbo – woman looking seductive)
The Cameraman (Buster Keaton – man looking up)
The Wind (Lilian Gish – woman looking frightened, peering outside)
Greed (Zazu Pitts)(woman looking frightened)
Greed (Gibson Gowland – man closing in on woman, looking menacing)
The Wind (lantern blowing in wind)