im a 37f from Long Island that loves classic films!! i love watching classic films generally from the silent era through the 50s. of course i like movies beyond that & new movies 2! but i always loved classic films!

silents in particular are fascinating to me! there was an art to them thats lost. i love the way they did the imagery to set the mood! the very interesting backgrounds! also with the very limited technology they had i love the special effects in them!

the movie genres i like are noir, mystery, thrillers, horror, scifi, B-movies, cult classics, gangster, pre-code, bios, foreign (japanese mostly), animation, etc.

i’ll be blogging about what im watching, a review, what id like to see, and so on. also i’ll be putting classic tv clips in her on occasion! but i promise more movie stuff. although i might upload classic tv clips of movie stars!

about twitter posts: i’ve included my twitter posts even though all the posts wont be about classic films, but alot will and i like the idea of having my status on my page.