i haven’t been on my blog here for awhile. when i came back i saw they had new themes, so i tried one. mystique is the theme i have up now. im ok with it. but i think the white background makes it looks kinda plain and u cant change that part of the background. oh well.

anyway i decided to post just in case wordpress decides to delete unused blogs. i like my blog here and i will post more often!

k, i’ll be back later. my mom wants to take a walk and i gotta watch my wild pup 🙂

laterz classic film lovers! 🙂


its almost 3am and 12 hrs after i wrote the post above, i changed it back to my old theme. lol, it figures!!

my one wish is that they will soon have the option to import my tumblr blog into here. they have a list of blogs that u can import, and they’re all good and all. i have a couple blogs that r listed. i just haven’t written in them in a long while. i just been in tumblr, mostly. oh well, maybe i finally use my typepad or blogger  blog again lol. blogger i cant even remember when i was on there last! lol.

its getting late so i’m going to end off now.

laterz WP 🙂