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i changed my blogs title

I just did a lil change to my wordpress blog here. i changed it from Classic Film Addict to the current title that came to me earlier – VOICES FROM THE PAST

i think its a better title for this blog.

classic films/stars are voices from the past. we must never shut them away. we must savor the moments of the past!  they’re precious time capsules and they should never be forgotten!

10/23/1945 staring Boris karloff.

and since i cant upload the fuckin file here cause of “security reasons” im going to have a link where i uploaded it online.

“security reasons” thing is complete bullshit cause its public domain & only reason it said that was its in mp3 format! 😡

anyway its on TCM’s fan site Classic Film Union Here:

oh and it doesn’t play on startup. u have to click the play button a couple times.

its really an eerily fun classic horror tale!

enjoy! 🙂

my new theme look …… changed back :P

i haven’t been on my blog here for awhile. when i came back i saw they had new themes, so i tried one. mystique is the theme i have up now. im ok with it. but i think the white background makes it looks kinda plain and u cant change that part of the background. oh well.

anyway i decided to post just in case wordpress decides to delete unused blogs. i like my blog here and i will post more often!

k, i’ll be back later. my mom wants to take a walk and i gotta watch my wild pup 🙂

laterz classic film lovers! 🙂


its almost 3am and 12 hrs after i wrote the post above, i changed it back to my old theme. lol, it figures!!

my one wish is that they will soon have the option to import my tumblr blog into here. they have a list of blogs that u can import, and they’re all good and all. i have a couple blogs that r listed. i just haven’t written in them in a long while. i just been in tumblr, mostly. oh well, maybe i finally use my typepad or blogger  blog again lol. blogger i cant even remember when i was on there last! lol.

its getting late so i’m going to end off now.

laterz WP 🙂