i haven’t been posting here in awhile so i thought id write a quick post. i been blogging, but on tumblr. i have 3 blogs on there now. i started at the end of nov after a friend was telling me about it, and i was hooked! i have nothing against wordpress i still love this site! but i wanted to post something as to why i been scarce here.

i dont have a classic film blog on tumblr. i do post classic film stuff in one of my blogs there . but that blog i post a lil bit of everything i like….not just classic films. this blog here on wordpress is still my main classic film blog!

i’ll be posting here when i can. my main blog on tumblr is called drifting Shadows and i have links in pages on there to my other 2 blogs there. heres my blog site: http://babe917.tumblr.com/

i have music that starts up on the page when u load it. rock, pop, dance mixes, etc…. im just warning ya in case u go there with ur speakers way up not expecting it lol!