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Excerpt from the Dean Martin Show from 12. 31.1970.


done recently. here u see him give a speech after the mayor of hollywood proclaims it his day & he gives a speech. he gets his star on the walk of fame. he gives another interview where he says his top 5 movies of all time, & it might surprise u. and classic film stars talk about mr. osborne! love this 1. i can listen to robert talk all day!

i’ve always loved this film TCM put together! its such a perfect movie compilation!

this video is on youtube that i found and also put in cfu. it shows clips from the film. the song is sung by al martino. i love this movie! great acting by every1 involved! great script! of course bette davis was excellent! i love her! for fans of this film that dont know…joan crawford was supposed to play cousin miriam, the role that eventually went to olivia de havilland. After Crawford worked only four days, she quit the film, claiming she was ill. On set Crawford was being treated terribly by the cast and crew of the film, especially Bette Davis and Agnes Moorehead. However, Crawford can be seen in the film. There is a long shot in the beginning of the movie, when Miriam gets out of the taxi upon her arrival at the Hollis plantation, that actually shows the back of Joan Crawford’s head and not de Havilland’s. When the taxi pulls up with cousin Miriam inside and stops at the foot of the steps, if you look closely BEFORE Miriam gets out you can just for a split moment see it is fact Joan Crawford in the back and not Olivia de Havilland. You can’t see Crawford’s face but you can tell it’s her by the black dress and dark sunglasses that she is wearing. When de Havilland as Miriam is seen in the taxi before she arrives she is wearing a white hat and her clothing is light colored.

This doesn’t show alot on tcm, or maybe its just that i dont catch it that often. but i had to upload this! its for the love of silent movies! SILENT MOVIE LOVERS UNITE 😀

i just added a fun shooter game i found on its called Midnight Massacre. i always loved shooting zombies! guess it goes back to my love for old classic horror movies! if u scroll down my page here n go into the vodpod video widget, you’ll see the video in there. now this video is not just a video, U CAN PLAY THE GAME ON MY VODPOD SITE! ITS INTERACTIVE! i love it how i can embed a game into there!!! i will be doing that more often! so if u just wanna shoot some zombies n other beasties  to pass the time check out the game in my vodpod widget! fun stuff

In 1945 Alfred Hitchcock ask Dali to design the dream sequences for his movie Spellbound. this is just a quick video about a min and a half, but i never heard hitchcock speak about his collaboration with salvador dali. even tho it is brief, i wanted to include it here. but it does give u a lil incite on the dream sequence. i love hitchcock films! and i love hearing how he created his films!

this is a really good movie! this is the dream sequence from hitchcock’s 1945 thriller “spellbound,” starring ingrid bergman and gregory peck. ingrid bergman plays a psychoanalyst trying to uncover gregory peck’s memories to solve a murder which he believes he has committed. the sets for the dream sequence were conceived and designed by salvador dali, upon hitchcock’s request. this movie was also one of hollywood’s first looks into psychoanalysis.

this is from youtube about the last day of  jayne’s life. it briefly shows her marriage to mickey. her relationship with sam brody. mickey, and her son talk on this. her son towards end about remembering being in the car that claimed the life of jayne, sam brody, and the driver ron harrison. i really like jayne mansfield! and she wasn’t a dumb blonde like some ppl think! there’s something about how she died that haunts me. she died so tragically and violent. it just seems unimaginable……i cant explain more about how i feel about this. its just so damn sad!!