The classy introduction to TCM’s Silent Sunday’s.
The films featured in the montage as they appear in order:
Our Dancing Daughters (balloons)
The Flesh and the Devil (Greta Garbo and John Gilbert – couple dancing)
The Big Parade (Renee Adoree, John Gilbert – Couple kissing)
Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Rudolph Valentino – man puffing smoke)
Greed (Zasu Pitts – woman with abject look)
Noah’s Ark (George O’brian – man in rain)
The Crowd (Eleanor Boardman – woman looking in mirror happy)
Our Dancing Daughters (Joan Crawford – woman looking in mirror, sad)
The Crowd (James Murray – man doing pantomime)
Show People (Marion Davies, Dell Henderson – woman revealing face after lowering a cloth/bandana)
The Kiss (Greta Garbo – woman looking seductive)
The Cameraman (Buster Keaton – man looking up)
The Wind (Lilian Gish – woman looking frightened, peering outside)
Greed (Zazu Pitts)(woman looking frightened)
Greed (Gibson Gowland – man closing in on woman, looking menacing)
The Wind (lantern blowing in wind)