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One Step Beyond – “Night Of April 14th” – FULL EPISODE

One step beyond was a TV series in late 1950s similar to the twilight zone but with a difference. The episodes were of true paranormal stories. I’m not sure how much was drama and how much is true facts. But I am a believer in the paranormal. This episode always gave me chills! For those skeptics just watch to the end and the book that the host picks up. That is a real book. Freaky.

Titanic stories always fascinated me. The event was so tragic I can see how the events of this show could be true!


2014 new post!

OK, wow its been awhile! My last post was in 2011. The reason being my PC went to hell and even though I had a phone it is kinda limited in a way and slow on web pages. So I only used it for Twitter and FB posts through texts. Have a PSP but that was a pain in the ass the web surf on cause WiFi is in horrible spots here for that. This past Xmas I finally got a tablet! Its my new PC. Its a 7″ smartab that came with a case, stand, and a Bluetooth keyboard! I’m finally happy and back in my web world again! Woohoo!

Its taking me sometime to get around to the sites I haven’t been on in ages. And quite frankly I wasn’t sure I was gonna come back here. I been posting in my blogs in which is a great site! But today I decided to come in here  and post something cause I did enjoy being in WordPress. Plus I have the app which is faster to do things.

I saw a comment from someone that said this looks like a good blog but what I been posting is mostly horror films and she said it was disappointing. Well I post what I feel. I love all types of classic films! My favorite eras are the silent age through the 50’s. I might generally go back to my roots and post about horror films because growing up my parents liked classic horror and sci-fi ( they were teenagers in the 50s which would explain it ), and from there I was opened up to other classic films! So my love for classic films started at a young age. I will post of other classic film genres here but I guess my heart is always for classic horror and sci-fi!

So sure you’ll see posts with classic horror greats, but you see posts about the silent era, ppl like Bettie Davis and Joan Crawford, pre-code films, film noir, classic TV too like the Monkees and old game shows like what’s my line. Cult favorites, and generally I will stick to silent through the 50s but I will post about films made into the 70s. Anything really over that I don’t consider really classic. Sure I love 80s and 90s films but the term ”classic film” to me means a different thing to me then some other ppl. Yeah I do for example love the Indiana Jones films and they are fun and classic. But its not the type of classic film I mean. The classic film term I mean has a different look to it. Much older feel to them. Like a time capsule taking you into a time before you were born.

BTW yeah this is a classic film blog but don’t expect this woman to post about what other women usually post about with films like Gone with The Wind and musicals galore cause that’s not this girl! I’m sure if you look at my blog you can probably already figure that out. I’m just saying. So if your looking for those kinds of classic film blogs (which I find boring and overblogged in my opinion) go somewhere else. Cause this woman won’t be blogging about Judy Garland jumping and singing on a trolley! Just an example there ;p lol

I may not post here on a regular basis. Although, now that I have the app I maybe more inclined to post here instead of somewhere else. Besides I haven’t really been posting much about films anywhere. So having this will be an incentive.

Laterz blog 🙂

i changed my blogs title

I just did a lil change to my wordpress blog here. i changed it from Classic Film Addict to the current title that came to me earlier – VOICES FROM THE PAST

i think its a better title for this blog.

classic films/stars are voices from the past. we must never shut them away. we must savor the moments of the past!  they’re precious time capsules and they should never be forgotten!

10/23/1945 staring Boris karloff.

and since i cant upload the fuckin file here cause of “security reasons” im going to have a link where i uploaded it online.

“security reasons” thing is complete bullshit cause its public domain & only reason it said that was its in mp3 format! 😡

anyway its on TCM’s fan site Classic Film Union Here:

oh and it doesn’t play on startup. u have to click the play button a couple times.

its really an eerily fun classic horror tale!

enjoy! 🙂

my new theme look …… changed back :P

i haven’t been on my blog here for awhile. when i came back i saw they had new themes, so i tried one. mystique is the theme i have up now. im ok with it. but i think the white background makes it looks kinda plain and u cant change that part of the background. oh well.

anyway i decided to post just in case wordpress decides to delete unused blogs. i like my blog here and i will post more often!

k, i’ll be back later. my mom wants to take a walk and i gotta watch my wild pup 🙂

laterz classic film lovers! 🙂


its almost 3am and 12 hrs after i wrote the post above, i changed it back to my old theme. lol, it figures!!

my one wish is that they will soon have the option to import my tumblr blog into here. they have a list of blogs that u can import, and they’re all good and all. i have a couple blogs that r listed. i just haven’t written in them in a long while. i just been in tumblr, mostly. oh well, maybe i finally use my typepad or blogger  blog again lol. blogger i cant even remember when i was on there last! lol.

its getting late so i’m going to end off now.

laterz WP 🙂

everyone  knows  youtube is great fun when looking for some fun short videos to watch for some escapism! even watching music videos! but im shocked to find out some ppl dont realize youtube has classic films  and tv shows on there! some in parts, and others in full!

well over time i added some films in a playlist called: Classic Films (catchy huh LMAO).  heres my classic films playlist: MY YOUTUBE CLASSIC FILM LIST

most on that list are films either in parts or uploaded full. but i have just a few stuff in there not films, but related to classic films,  like : Whatever Happened to Baby Jane music video, a trailer, bette davis eyes video.

but most stuff i have on there are films in their entirety, or parts.

u will see alot of classic horror stuff mainly &  also silent gems! some comedy stuff too.   below is my list as of right now:

yea theres alot of B-movies on it. but i like b-movies!

Tumblr Caught Me In Its Web!

i haven’t been posting here in awhile so i thought id write a quick post. i been blogging, but on tumblr. i have 3 blogs on there now. i started at the end of nov after a friend was telling me about it, and i was hooked! i have nothing against wordpress i still love this site! but i wanted to post something as to why i been scarce here.

i dont have a classic film blog on tumblr. i do post classic film stuff in one of my blogs there . but that blog i post a lil bit of everything i like….not just classic films. this blog here on wordpress is still my main classic film blog!

i’ll be posting here when i can. my main blog on tumblr is called drifting Shadows and i have links in pages on there to my other 2 blogs there. heres my blog site:

i have music that starts up on the page when u load it. rock, pop, dance mixes, etc…. im just warning ya in case u go there with ur speakers way up not expecting it lol!

Phantasmagoria – was a pre-cinema projection ghost show invented in france in the late 18th century, which gained popularity through most of Europe (especially England) throughout the 19th century.

A modified type of magic lantern was used to project frightening images such as skeletons, demons, and ghosts onto walls, smoke, or semi-transparent screens, frequently using rear projection. The projector was mobile, allowing the projected image to move and change size on the screen, and multiple projecting devices allowed for quick switching of different images.
An inventor named Henry Dircks, created the ‘Dircksian Phantasmagoria’. This is a technique that was used to create real-time translucent ghosts on theater stages in the late 1800s. With crafty lighting and glass panes, he was able to reflect the image of an actor portraying the ghost, onto another glass pane on the stage. The effect create a “real” looking ghostly image.

later known as pepper’s ghost this video shows how modern day ppl could be fooled by its effects!! just goes to show u again how innovative times were back then!! if no one experimented with film we wouldn’t be where we are today!!

Sophia Loren quote!/ParisPink3/status/1616064987271168